• International Shipping: What You Need To Know

    When you need to get an item to another country, international shipping is your best option to do so. While you can use traditional mail or other means, it’s best to work with a shipping company that specifically understands the nuances of shipping a package internationally. This not only ensures a reasonable quote, but also expertise in shipping standards, visit website. These are the kinds of standards that meet the quality that you can expect from Orbit Logistics.  After all, anyone that has ever shipped internationally knows that there’s much more involved in international shipping than sticking something in a box and slapping postage on it. This shipping process also requires an understanding of the country to which the item is being shipped, prohibited materials, that country’s laws about shipping, timelines and more. If the process is not completed properly, it’s far easier for the package to get lost or be returned to its sender. This can be an issue because given the distance involved, it could be weeks before the package is returned to the original sender. We know what can be shipped, what cannot, what may take a few days and what types of items may take a few weeks – and we combine all of this knowledge into the level of service we offer to all of our customers. Our quotes are comprehensive and fair, offering customers a wide range of options to meet their needs, depending on the timeline they seek when shipping international. We have a vast network of resources that we utilize in providing these quotes and seeing the process through until the moment the package arrives at its final destination. It’s not only the actual process in which we are qualified to ship your package internationally. It’s also the knowledge we have of international commerce. For instance, Orbit Logistics is also well-versed in International Commerce Terms, which dictates who is responsible for the package during transit. This also provides oversight for insurance responsibility and the party that retains the responsibility for loading and unloading larger packages. Any shipping company with which you work should be aware of these guidelines. Otherwise, you risk compromising your package and the capacity for it to reach its final destination. Proper documentation is also a big part of the process. As a Tampa international shipping company, we are able to draw on years of experience to gather pertinent details regarding the shipping order. It may initially seem like a great deal of information, but this is the best way to avoid any hang-ups in the shipping process, particularly once it gets to another country. Ultimately, international shipping shouldn’t be a stressful experience. When you work with a company that has a keen understanding of shipping laws and has the expertise to navigate these complexities, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your order will end up exactly where you intended.  

  • Motorcycle Shipping: Ride Vs. Ship

    When you need to move your motorcycle over a long distance, one of the issues you may have to resolve is whether to ride the bike or ship it. There are benefits and drawbacks to either decision. After all, particularly if your final destination is not too long a distance, it can be hard to battle against the thrill of a highway ride with the wind at your face. However, depending on the reason for the move, it simply may not be logistical to do so. This is when motorcycle shipping is most advantageous, even if it’s not as whimsical to do so. Orbit Logistics not only understands shipping, but we value the expertise that it takes when shipping motorcycles. This is unlike moving or shipping any other items, and we’ve perfected our process to give our motorcycle shipping customers peace of mind in this process. There are many things in which we specialize when it comes to shipping, but this is one area in which our customers recognize the value we offer. This has garnered us a great deal of repeat business when it comes to motorcycle shipping. Why? Well, this is one of our areas of proficiency. The shipping of motorcycle is not an easy endeavor for a company that simply doesn’t understand the delicacy of these machines. However, we do and this is why we can assure our clients that when they ship their bikes with us, they are leaving them in good hands with people that know exactly what they are doing. Sure, you can ride your bike, but if you are moving with family or have other items that need to be moved, this simply isn’t an option. So, allow this  Tampa shipping company to get your bike to its final destination while you take care of the other details associated with the move. There are shipping companies that specialize in freight and those that specialize in auto transport; however, it is rare to find a company that has true expertise in both and Orbit Logistics is able to offer just that. Our company has spent a great deal of time training our staff on how to provide a special array of services geared towards motorcycle owners, ensuring that their machines are in good hands with us. After all, we know motorcycles well and we’ve learned that most people invest a great deal of time, money and love into their machines. Therefore, it is only prudent to entrust shipping motorcycles with a company that specializes in moving them. Sure, many companies are capable, but none will take care your bike the way that Orbit Logistics will – the way that you would. We offer competitive pricing and can create a delivery timeline that works for your schedule. There are numerous shipping options with regard to how your motorcycle is transported, so that when the move is complete, your bike is in the new location and you can enjoy a leisurely ride at that point. Orbit Logistics […]

  • Tips To Prepare For Furniture Shipping

    Shipping furniture is one of the best ways to get cumbersome pieces moved without incurring the time and labor to do it yourself. A quality furniture shipping company like Orbit Logistics not only has the knowledge and experience to get your furniture moved in a timely manner, but also walks you through the process so that you are aware of everything from the timeline to the shipping options available for your furniture shipping order. In other words, this Florida shipping company works to this level of quality and beyond. We understand that your furniture possessions are important and we take great care in shipping your items to ensure that everything arrives where it should, when it should and in the same condition in which it was entrusted to us. In order to ensure a smooth and streamlined shipping process, consider a few tips to help prepare your furniture for shipping: Remove all personal effects from the furniture being shipped: The better you can prepare your furniture, the easier it will be to ship. For instance, if you are moving a nightstand, take out all personal papers or other effects from the nightstand prior to shipping. The same applies to clothing in a dresser or special pillows or blankets on a couch. The rule of thumb is that if it is detachable, remove it prior to shipping. This ensures that nothing is lost along the way. Additionally, if any pieces fold up or break down in any way, alert us to this so that we ship it in the most efficient way possible. Alert Orbit Logistics to any delicacies with furniture: When you are shipping furniture, we only know as much you tell us. If the door to your grandmother’s bureau has a tendency to fall open easily or the leg of a coffee table sometimes comes off when jostled, let us know. We will ensure that each item – and the delicate parts of that item – are properly secured prior to shipping. Provide up-to-date contact information for yourself and at least one other person: This is particularly poignant if you are shipping furniture ahead of a big move. Provide multiple forms of contact so that if there is any question with the shipping order or something has changed in terms of delivery timeline, we can be sure to let you know. Communication is the key to successful furniture delivery, and we want to ensure you are available at all times during the shipping process. The more information you can provide us prior to moving your furniture, the better job we can do to ensure that your furniture shipping not only happens as quickly as possible, but also effortlessly as well. Our sole mission to get your furniture from one point to the next and these tips can help in doing just that. Furniture shipping means one less thing for you to worry about whether you are in the midst of a big move or simply cleaning out your home […]

  • Ways To Get The Most Accurate Shipping Quote

    When you are seeking a shipping quote for furniture delivery or looking to ship a motorcycle, it would seem that the most important factor is price. After all, particularly when shipping a big ticket item over a long distance, the price can quickly skyrocket. However, one of the places that customers most often go astray when researching shipping is in the quote process. The more information you provide when soliciting a shipping quote, the more likely it is that you will get back a price that not only reflects the value received for what you need, but also a shipping order specific to your needs. This all starts, however, with what you put on the quote information request form. Consider a few tips to help you get the most accurate shipping quote: Provide correct contact information: Getting to the right shipping quote in terms of delivery time, packaging time and price is often a conversation. Shipping is rarely a black and white endeavor and requires some back and forth with the customer to ensure that all expectations are met. This can’t happen however, without the proper contact information. Many customers might be surprised to find how easy it is to accidentally transpose numbers when typing in a phone number or forget a letter in an email address. Take the time to read over contact information listed on the quote request form in advance to avoid any delays in finalizing shipping terms. Be as specific as possible: For example, if you need a shipping quote to send an item from Florida to California, specific addresses make a difference. After all, there’s a distinct difference in shipping an item from northern California to Miami versus shipping an item 12 hours north to Pensacola. It might make a difference in everything from arrival time to price. The more specific you are with addresses, the more accurate the shipping quotation. Communicate any flexibilities: Depending on what you are shipping and the methods you choose, you may be able to get a lower price if you opt to ship in bulk, on a certain day or time of day or using a different method. If you are at all flexible with your shipping order, communicate this on the quote request, so that we can ensure that you get top value. Communicate item details: For instance, if you are using Orbit Logistics for furniture shipping Tampa, FL and simply list “desk” on the shipping quote form, this doesn’t say a lot about the size and condition of the item. There is a big difference in shipping a simple, light-weight desk from IKEA and a heavy wooden antique desk with added shelving. In order to get the most accurate quote, it helps to be specific about what you are shipping and as many details as possible, including style of the item, weight, condition, level of fragility and any other relevant information. Orbit Logistics 4511 N Himes Ave Ste 200 Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 888-5747  

  • Two benefits of hiring a furniture shipping company

    Whether you are moving into a new place or sending someone a piece of furniture as a housewarming gift, the benefits of using a professional furniture shipping company in Florida are unparalleled. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your piece of furniture reached its destination while packed safely in a supported, properly packed crate to ensure your furniture’s beautiful condition upon arrival. At Orbit Logistics, we offer professional furniture shipping services in Tampa, FL and throughout the country. Our services are secure, which means you can relax and know that your furniture is being delivered by the best furniture delivery company in Florida. We offer furniture delivery services for individuals and businesses. Here are the top two reasons why you should hire a professional furniture shipping company when moving big furniture to a new location: You want your valuables to stay valuable. As with every shipping service, people experience a natural fear that the shipped furniture won’t make it to its destination in one piece or that the furniture will be scuffed in the process of moving. At Orbit Furniture, we have many years of experience successfully moving furniture without any incidents. We take the time and care to properly crate your item to help prevent damage and ensure that your valuable furniture still retains its value. Time is money. For many businesses, days lost without furniture and office equipment equates to profit lost. When you ship your office furniture, it will arrive to its destination faster than ground travel so you can be back up and running as soon as possible. If you would like more information about our individual and professional furniture shipping services in Florida and throughout the country, please give us a call. Relax and know that your furniture delivery is safe with us. Orbit Logistics 4511 N Himes Ave Ste 200, Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 888-5747  

  • The most important reason why shipping your motorcycle is your best option for a move

    If you are thinking about moving and you have a motorcycle, you need to read this article carefully. There are a few mistakes that people often make (unfortunately) when moving their motorcycle that can be very costly, not to mention time consuming to fix. At Orbit Logistics, our goal is to ship motorcycles in perfect condition by creating custom crates for each bike and strapping the motorcycle in specifically to avoid damage during the journey. In our years of experience, we have heard some horror stories from people who tried to move their motorcycle themselves and did not have good luck. Here is the most important reason why you need to hire a professional motorcycle shipping company to move your motorcycle to its new location: A motorcycle does not belong in a hauling truck. This is important for two reasons. The first reason is that your hauling truck is full of other moving supplies, furniture and boxes. All of these things can bang against your bike or rub against your bike, causing paint damage and potential body damage. Also, a hauling truck is not made specially for a motorcycle. Even if you strap in your motorcycle, you risk the bike shifting and falling in the extra room around the sides of the truck. At Orbit Logistics, we are professional motorcycle shippers. We create custom crates to fit your motorcycle for additional security and safety of your bike during the journey. We have professional strapping techniques to keep your motorcycle from moving and shifting during the trip. You can rest assured that your motorcycle is safe with us. If you would like more information about our motorcycle services, contact us for a free quote or to schedule an appointment. Orbit Logistics 4511 N Himes Ave Ste 200, Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 888-5747    

  • Top reasons why military families in Tampa, FL should use a professional furniture shipping company

    Several military families in Florida, specifically at MacDill AFB, find themselves required to move to new states often for military orders. Some families even find themselves faced with a move to Hawaii; a move that makes it impossible to rent a truck to carry over your furniture. More often than not, shipping your furniture to your new location is the best option. The military will usually offer a stipend to help with moving costs that can cover the cost of shipping your furniture. That way, you can relax and have everything moved for you so all you have to worry about is moving the family to your new home. Here are the top reasons why hiring a professional furniture shipping company for your next military transfer is your best option: Moving is faster The military does not move slowly. You want to get to your new house and unpack as soon as possible so you can be ready to train with the best of our nation’s heroes. You don’t need a big hauling truck and hours of moving boxes in and out of a truck to slow you down. Shipping your furniture from Tampa to your new home is going to be the fastest option for your moving travel. Moving is more enjoyable You might experience a little stress if you are ordered to move a new place that you were not expecting. One way to curb your stress is by having your furniture shipped to your new destination. This way, you won’t have to worry about scheduling a hauling truck and hiring a moving company. Shipping your furniture eliminates several extra steps in your moving process. For more information about our furniture shipping options, please contact us today. Orbit Logistics 4511 N Himes Ave Ste 200, Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 888-5747    

  • Two reasons why your motorcycle needs to be professionally shipped

    This happens too many times: a person is moving so he puts his motorcycle in the hauling trailer with the rest of his belongings and drives across state or across country. He gets to his destination, opens the hauling trailer, and notices that his bike has some scratches and small dings and his mirror is bent out of place. Now, he has to spend money on small repairs that quickly add up. If you have any experience with motorcycles, you know that even touching up the paint and taking some small dings out of the body can be more expensive than you would expect. At Orbit Logistics, we want to help you deliver your beautiful motorcycle to its new destination in pristine condition. We have years of experience in motorcycle shipping throughout Florida and across the country. We often work with businesses and dealerships, though we also help individuals such as homeowners, movers, and military employees. In our experience, there are two main reasons why your motorcycle should never go in a hauling trailer. 1.  There is too much room for movement. In a trailer, your motorcycle has room to move and slip, which can cause damage over the course of a long move. Even if you have the motorcycle strapped down, the bike can bend and shift. At Orbit Logistics, we create custom crates to fit your motorcycle. This helps ensure that your motorcycle will be shipped without damage and careless scrapes. 2.  There is not enough room. If you are loading anything else into your hauling truck, you are risking your motorcycle being damaged during the move. Other furniture and boxes can scratch the paint and make your motorcycle suffer unnecessary damage. At Orbit Logistics, we can ship your motorcycle and give you piece of mind that your precious bike will arrive in perfect condition. Call us today for more information. Orbit Logistics 13732 W. RENA DR. LARGO FL 33771 Toll Free 888-801-7447 (all of Florida) Pinellas 727-507-7447 Hillsborough 813-888-5747 Manatee 941-330-2300 Fax 727-507-8416

  • Three reasons why furniture shipping is the best option when moving to a new state

    Moving to a new state can be challenging. There seems to be endless logistics when trying to schedule everything to be moved across state lines and in a timely fashion, not to mention the astronomical fees of renting a moving truck and driving it for hundreds of miles. There is a better way to move to a new state that will save you time, money, and effo. Furniture shipping is a great way to get your things from one place to another without stressing about trying to time everything logistically and fit the entirety of your possessions in a small moving truck. Here are three reasons why furniture shipping will make all the difference when you move to a new state: More cost efficient Instead of driving a huge, gas-guzzling moving truck and a personal car (if you are moving with a spouse or family) for hundreds of miles across the country, it would be more cost-effective to drive your fuel-efficient vehicle and just meet the rest of your things at your new home by having it shipped right to your door. We believe in making things affordable. Moving into a new place is expensive enough; you don’t need unnecessarily high moving costs on top of that. Our rates are reasonable, and our team will work with you to help you find the furniture shipping option that works in your budget. Less time If you are just moving by yourself or if you don’t want to take a car with you to your new place, you can arrange to have your possessions shipped to your door and just hop on a plane to meet us there. Instead of taking days to drive everything to your new home, you can meet your stuff at the door of your new place in mere hours. Less stress Let us take care of the logistics of moving your things to your new home. After all, that is our job. We have over forty years of experience in shipping furniture safely and efficiently. At Orbit Logistics, we can make your complex move seem simple with our customize furniture shipping services. Call us today to get a quote. Orbit Logistics 13732 W. RENA DR. LARGO FL 33771 Toll Free 888-801-7447 (all of Florida) Pinellas 727-507-7447 Hillsborough 813-888-5747 Manatee 941-330-2300 Fax 727-507-8416  

  • Frequently asked questions about furniture shipping in Tampa and throughout the country

    Furniture shipping is a great option to help people who are moving to a new state save time and money. Our shipping options allow people to schedule their possessions to be delivered right to their door without having to deal with renting, fueling, and returning moving trucks. Over the last forty years, we’ve developed a system for furniture shipping Tampa, FL that ensures a safe and efficient delivery of your things. That’s why we’re the leader in furniture shipping services. If you aren’t sure whether or not furniture shipping is a good option for you, here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about what we offer: Q:   Does furniture shipping take less time than renting a moving truck? A:   Generally, yes. This depends largely on the distance between the starting point and the destination for your furniture, but usually shipping takes less time than driving. Q:    Can you ship things overseas? A:   Yes, we can ship to any destination in the world. Our furniture shipping service caters to several military families being stationed in Hawaii. We help military families ship their furniture and possessions to the base so the family can start a new chapter of life. Q:   Can I still use your furniture shipping service if I don’t have a full container of things? A:   Yes, we offer flexible furniture shipping options that can accommodate small sizes to full containers. Our team will work with you to decide the best route for your shipping needs and we will create a custom quote for you. Q:   How much does furniture shipping cost? A:   The cost of furniture shipping depends largely on the size of the furniture, the weight of the furniture, and the distance of the shipment. Our team of experts can help give you a quote for your shipping needs. We can also help you find alternative shipping solutions in your budget, if needed. At Orbit Logistics, our furniture shipping services can help you move into new states and new countries without stress or worry about your things. Call us today for a quote. Orbit Logistics 13732 W. RENA DR. LARGO FL 33771 Toll Free 888-801-7447 (all of Florida) Pinellas 727-507-7447 Hillsborough 813-888-5747 Manatee 941-330-2300 Fax 727-507-8416  

  • Frequently Asked Questions about motorcycle shipping

    Before you choose a motorcycle shipping company to deliver your motorcycle either to you or your customer, it is important that you research what is involved in motorcycle shipping so you can make an informed decision about what you need. Many customers and business owners rely on our motorcycle shipping expertise to not only deliver their motorcycle, but also to protect their reputation as motorcycle distributors. In order to help you decide what you need for your motorcycle shipping needs, here are some frequently asked questions about motorcycle shipping: Q:   Do you have a size regulation for your motorcycle shipping crates? A:  No, there is no size regulation for our motorcycle shipping crates. In fact, we custom build each shipping crate to   perfectly fit your motorcycle. Our crates include braces, tie downs, and blocks to ensure that your bike won’t be damaged or altered during the shipping process. Many motorcycle distributors trust us for their motorcycle shipping needs. Q:   Do I need to empty my gas tank before I ship my motorcycle?  A:   Yes, one of the shipping requirements for motorcycles is that the fuel tank is empty before the bike is shipped. Additionally, the battery of the motorcycle should be disconnected and certain parts disassembled and stored next to the motorcycle for easier shipping. However, if you want your vehicle delivered ready to ride, we will not disassemble some of the parts. Let us know before we ship your motorcycle. Q:    How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle? A:   There is no standard price for shipping a motorcycle. The variables are: size of the motorcycle, weight of the motorcycle, and distance it needs to ship. There may be additional components needed to quote your shipping price, depending on your specific needs. Our team can help quote you the cost of shipping your motorcycle. At Orbit Logistics, we understand your love for motorcycles. We are passionate about bikes and we take extra care to make sure our motorcycle shipping service is luxury quality. Contact our team with any additional questions you have about motorcycle shipping in Tampa and across the country. Orbit Logistics 13732 W. RENA DR. LARGO FL 33771 Toll Free 888-801-7447 (all of Florida) Pinellas 727-507-7447 Hillsborough 813-888-5747 Manatee 941-330-2300 Fax 727-507-8416  

  • Three reasons why you might need a professional motorcycle shipping company in Tampa

    Motorcycle shipping is an intricate, complex art. Any motorcycle enthusiast or distributer understands the passion that people have for their motorcycles; it’s a passion we share, as well. With over forty years of experience as the leader in motorcycle shipping Tampa, we are often asked the question, “who needs a motorcycle shipping company?” You might be surprised at the vast amount of people who need a professional motorcycle shipping company in the Tampa area. More often than not, we have three main types of people with whom we work to ship motorcycles: The motorcycle distributor Motorcycle distributors need a professional motorcycle shipping company to send their merchandise to buyers across the country. For motorcycle distributors, our motorcycle shipping method is perfect. We create custom shipping creates to fit each motorcycle, regardless of size. That means that your merchandise will reach your client in great condition. Our motorcycle shipping service will help your business earn a reliable and trustworthy reputation by delivering your bikes on time and without hassle. The motorcycle buyer Let’s say you’ve found your dream motorcycle, but it’s in another state. Instead of driving to another state and then trying to haul it yourself, you can arrange for our team to ship it directly to your home. You save time and effort, and you know that your bike will arrive in perfect condition. The motorcycle owner Maybe you’re not a motorcycle distributor, but you sold your motorcycle and now you need to ship it to the buyer. Our professional motorcycle shipping service will take care of everything for you – from creating a custom crate for the bike to making sure that your motorcycle follows shipping standards. You can trust your merchandise to our team of experts. At Orbit Logistics, we’ve perfected the art of motorcycle shipping in Tampa and throughout the country. Our custom-designed and engineered motorcycle shipping crates give our clients peace of mind knowing that their precious possession is going to be delivered safely. Orbit Logistics 13732 W. RENA DR. LARGO FL 33771 Toll Free 888-801-7447 (all of Florida) Pinellas 727-507-7447 Hillsborough 813-888-5747 Manatee 941-330-2300 Fax 727-507-8416