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An article on the Commercial Carrier Journal website dated November 26, 2013 notes the decrease in cargo theft incidents in America, which is down by 9 percent, yet underlines the increase of the value lost per stolen load. This issue is no laughing matter for local businesses concerned about their goods. The article shares data from FreightWatch International, a global logistics security provider, to explore the state of the industry:

Cargo Theft Incidents Drop Aug-Oct

Food and drink loads (not including alcohol) were the most targeted loads, accounting for 46 (22 percent) of the thefts in the quarter. Products targeted, FreightWatch says, were meats, cereals, carbonated drinks and prepared foods.

Loads of electronics were the second most targeted, making up 14 percent of the load stolen with 29 thefts. Stolen loads of electronics consisted mostly of televisions, computers and computer accessories.

Miscellaneous freight made up 10 percent of the stolen loads, while home/garden loads and metals loads each accounted for 9 percent of the total.

Seven categories had fewer thefts than in the prior quarter, including significant drops in building/industrial, alcohol/tobacco and metals, FreightWatch says.

Preventing cargo theft is easier said than done, especially if a business outsources its logistics to other companies. It goes without saying, then, that businesses should only work with trustworthy freight companies to have their goods delivered safely and on time. Fortunately, a leading Sarasota pack and ship service provider like Orbit Logistics is sure to provide genuine and professional freight services to businesses that need them.

Logistics can be a nightmare to administer, especially for small businesses that lack the resources and hardware. Hence, businesses are encouraged to depend on freight companies that provide transportation services for goods of all sorts. Reliable freight companies will do their best to meet the exact specifications of their clients, particularly when it comes to keeping the shipment safe, meeting delivery schedules, and properly handling special and delicate cargo.

Indeed, businesses should carefully choose a service for shipping in St. Petersburg, FL, Sarasota, FL. While many freight companies offer more or less the same services, it would greatly help businesses to choose one that’s experienced and flexible enough to meet transportation challenges. Security is also a huge concern, so businesses should deal only with a licensed company that effectively keeps track of all its cargo.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Cargo theft incidents drop Aug.-Oct. while value per load shoots, Commercial Carrier Journal, November 26, 2013)

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