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Before you choose a motorcycle shipping company to deliver your motorcycle either to you or your customer, it is important that you research what is involved in motorcycle shipping so you can make an informed decision about what you need. Many customers and business owners rely on our motorcycle shipping expertise to not only deliver their motorcycle, but also to protect their reputation as motorcycle distributors.

In order to help you decide what you need for your motorcycle shipping needs, here are some frequently asked questions about motorcycle shipping:

Q:   Do you have a size regulation for your motorcycle shipping crates?

A:  No, there is no size regulation for our motorcycle shipping crates. In fact, we custom build each shipping crate to   perfectly fit your motorcycle. Our crates include braces, tie downs, and blocks to ensure that your bike won’t be damaged or altered during the shipping process. Many motorcycle distributors trust us for their motorcycle shipping needs.

Q:   Do I need to empty my gas tank before I ship my motorcycle? 

A:   Yes, one of the shipping requirements for motorcycles is that the fuel tank is empty before the bike is shipped. Additionally, the battery of the motorcycle should be disconnected and certain parts disassembled and stored next to the motorcycle for easier shipping. However, if you want your vehicle delivered ready to ride, we will not disassemble some of the parts. Let us know before we ship your motorcycle.

Q:    How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

A:   There is no standard price for shipping a motorcycle. The variables are: size of the motorcycle, weight of the motorcycle, and distance it needs to ship. There may be additional components needed to quote your shipping price, depending on your specific needs. Our team can help quote you the cost of shipping your motorcycle.

At Orbit Logistics, we understand your love for motorcycles. We are passionate about bikes and we take extra care to make sure our motorcycle shipping service is luxury quality. Contact our team with any additional questions you have about motorcycle shipping in Tampa and across the country.

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