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If you are planning to ship furniture to a distant location or to another location within the same city, you can approach to get your furniture delivered. Regardless of whether it is a huge piece of furniture you are planning to ship or small detachable pieces, we can meet up to your expectations and see that your consignment gets delivered on time.

Prior to shipping furniture, it is important to take care of the packing so that your consignment reaches the destination in one intact piece. And for that packing is crucial, which we take care of. So, just sit back and relax once you have made your requirements known to us. Call us for more information 888-247-8540

shipping-furnitureAs we have no minimum quantity or weight requirements, you will save no matter how small your move may be. Shipping with Orbit means you will save no matter what your furniture shipping needs.

With over 40 years of shipping experience, we can handle it, whether you ship furniture on a regular basis or have never had to do so before.

You can save on shipping furniture by having your items prepared for transit with cardboard and bubble wrapping. That is your choice. We can provide prices for either option you choose.

If you aren’t sure of the weight of your furniture, that’s ok. We can determine weight when you advise us what items you need shipped. We will then provide you with an exact shipping price for your furniture based on the total weight of the shipment. And it doesn’t matter how bulky or large your items may be. If it’s a small move, you won’t pay for a full truck load. Our shipping crew will come inside on pickup day, prepare your furniture for the move and at time of delivery, bring your furniture inside for you.
Maybe you are shipping furniture that is boxed. If so and you want to help the driver load and unload, you can save even more. That isn’t for everyone but we can provide a price for that too if you choose the option. If you do ship boxed furniture, just be sure the furniture is securely padded in the box.
So whether your needs be for new furniture or family heirlooms, boxed or unboxed, we can handle it.

furniture shippingWith the advent of the World Wide Web, life has become way easier for all of us. Now just by sitting in one part of the globe you can be the proud owner of something which is available in the other hemisphere. More and more people are banking heavily upon the virtual world for their everyday survival. For instance, earlier you could not think of buying a branded stuff that is manufactured only in one country and if you had the desire to own the brand, you could do so only if you ever traveled to that place. But these days, things are different. With the furniture and appliance shipping companies, life has changed for the better.

The furniture shipping companies take care of the entire process. Let us say, you have just built your dream home and you want to furnish it with the best available furniture. But several years ago, when you had traveled to one of the interior parts of a particular country, you had the opportunity to see a beautiful piece of furniture which you wanted to own. But you could not as it was huge. But now that your dream home is made, you want that very piece of furniture. So, what do you do? It is simple. Approach one of the furniture shipping companies and have your piece of favorite furniture delivered at your doorstep.

These days you will find just about anything in the e-commerce websites. So, if you happen to see the piece of furniture you had always longed for, simply add it to your shopping cart, make the payment with the help of your plastic card and within a few days you have it in your living room.

What happens once you place your order for furniture shipping?

If it is antique furniture shipping, utmost care will be taken to deliver the product to you undamaged. The furniture moving companies will make sure that the packing is done carefully. Usually a single furniture shipping company will take the consignment. It will take appropriate measurement of the piece of furniture you have ordered for and make suitable packages for the same. These are usually cartons or boxes that are made of hard material cardboard. It is wrapped around with plastic straps and sent as cargo to the destination.

In most of the cases, if there are many orders that have to reach the same place, these goods are usually carried in a truck and taken to the port of departure where they are loaded as cargo into the ships. Just as you have placed an order for furniture, it is quite likely that someone else has placed an order for a particular appliance. Ranging from appliance shipping to shipping furniture, the freight companies usually take more than one consignment at times.

Thereafter, the freight company will ship furniture to the destination and you can also track your order and its current status at any point in real time. If you have placed a bulk order and the order is worth a lot of money, you are allowed to enjoy discount furniture shipping facilities by some freight companies.

So, once the consignment reaches the destination port, it is delivered at your doorstep. If the mode of payment you had opted or was ‘payment on delivery’, you have to pay the order amount and take your stuff.

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