Government and Mil-Spec Solutions

Since 1967 Orbit has offered the broadest selection of complete and comprehensive contract preservation and packaging services to meet your needs.

  • Support and consultation.
  • Same day turn around.
  • Authority to generate goverment bills of lading (GBL’s) on-site via Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA).
  • RFID and UID Labeling Capabilities.
  • Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) Compliant.
  • Packing in accordance with all required specifications, including Mil-Std-2073.
  • Solicitation and contract interpretation.

The quality of our Mil-spec packaging is evidenced by our certification as an Alternative Release Procedure Contractor by the U.S. Government’s inspection office.

Quality Control – All services, products, and supplies comply with military, government and commercial standards.

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