International Shipping: What You Need To Know

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When you need to get an item to another country, international shipping is your best option to do so. While you can use traditional mail or other means, it’s best to work with a shipping company that specifically understands the nuances of shipping a package internationally. This not only ensures a reasonable quote, but also expertise in shipping standards, visit website. These are the kinds of standards that meet the quality that you can expect from Orbit Logistics. 

After all, anyone that has ever shipped internationally knows that there’s much more involved in international shipping than sticking something in a box and slapping postage on it. This shipping process also requires an understanding of the country to which the item is being shipped, prohibited materials, that country’s laws about shipping, timelines and more. If the process is not completed properly, it’s far easier for the package to get lost or be returned to its sender. This can be an issue because given the distance involved, it could be weeks before the package is returned to the original sender.

We know what can be shipped, what cannot, what may take a few days and what types of items may take a few weeks – and we combine all of this knowledge into the level of service we offer to all of our customers.

Our quotes are comprehensive and fair, offering customers a wide range of options to meet their needs, depending on the timeline they seek when shipping international. We have a vast network of resources that we utilize in providing these quotes and seeing the process through until the moment the package arrives at its final destination.

It’s not only the actual process in which we are qualified to ship your package internationally. It’s also the knowledge we have of international commerce. For instance, Orbit Logistics is also well-versed in International Commerce Terms, which dictates who is responsible for the package during transit. This also provides oversight for insurance responsibility and the party that retains the responsibility for loading and unloading larger packages. Any shipping company with which you work should be aware of these guidelines. Otherwise, you risk compromising your package and the capacity for it to reach its final destination.

Proper documentation is also a big part of the process. As a Tampa international shipping company, we are able to draw on years of experience to gather pertinent details regarding the shipping order. It may initially seem like a great deal of information, but this is the best way to avoid any hang-ups in the shipping process, particularly once it gets to another country.

Ultimately, international shipping shouldn’t be a stressful experience. When you work with a company that has a keen understanding of shipping laws and has the expertise to navigate these complexities, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your order will end up exactly where you intended.


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