Motorcycle Shipping Basics: How to Prepare Your Bike for Transport

If you’re about to move to a new place and you don’t want to leave your trusty bike behind, you might want to look into efficient motorcycle shipping services. Whatever your reason is for shipping your favorite ride, you should see to it that it gets to its destination in one piece. The achievement of half of this goal is the responsibility of trusted shipping companies like Orbit Logistics, and the rest lies on your knowledge of how to properly prepare your bike for its long journey ahead.



When you’ve already chosen a shipping company, call them to ask for specific instructions on what to do before handing your bike to them. Most companies will give this information to you on the get-go, but for some, you still have to ask, since they might assume that you already know the basics. If possible, make a checklist for your prepping tasks, so you won’t miss any vital step.

Clean Your Bike

Don’t underestimate or overlook the value of getting your motorcycle cleaned up before having it shipped. Wash off all the grime and dirt from your bike, especially the layers of crud on its underside. Shipping your motorcycle in a spic-and-span state will give the people handling your bike the impression of how much you value your bike, thereby encouraging them to go the extra mile in protecting it.

Fuel Instructions

According to an article from, all fluid-related instructions are probably the most critical part of your preparation:

Most of the instructions concerning moving your motorcycle will involve the volatile chemicals which power the bike – specifically, the fuel. Gasoline is flammable and explosive, so the motorcycle relocation company will often have you either empty your bike’s fuel tank completely or at least get most of it out before they will ship it. This is, of course, for everyone’s safety and to protect the bike […]

Final Inspection

You should have a handy digital camera with you when heading to your freight company’s location or when they arrive to pick up your bike. Document the condition of your bike before it is placed in its crate and hauled into a trailer or transport vehicle. This will help you know if your bike has incurred any shipping damage when it arrives at its destination.

After you’ve prepared your bike and the amount that you have to shell out for the shipping service (as specified in the reliable motorcycle shipping quote), it’s time for your bike to be on its merry way. As long as you work with a dependable shipping company like Orbit Logistics, you have little to worry about.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Preparing a Motorcycle for Shipping, Bikes.Me)

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