Motorcycle Shipping: Ride Vs. Ship

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When you need to move your motorcycle over a long distance, one of the issues you may have to resolve is whether to ride the bike or ship it. There are benefits and drawbacks to either decision. After all, particularly if your final destination is not too long a distance, it can be hard to battle against the thrill of a highway ride with the wind at your face.

However, depending on the reason for the move, it simply may not be logistical to do so. This is when motorcycle shipping is most advantageous, even if it’s not as whimsical to do so. Orbit Logistics not only understands shipping, but we value the expertise that it takes when shipping motorcycles. This is unlike moving or shipping any other items, and we’ve perfected our process to give our motorcycle shipping customers peace of mind in this process. There are many things in which we specialize when it comes to shipping, but this is one area in which our customers recognize the value we offer. This has garnered us a great deal of repeat business when it comes to motorcycle shipping.

Why? Well, this is one of our areas of proficiency. The shipping of motorcycle is not an easy endeavor for a company that simply doesn’t understand the delicacy of these machines. However, we do and this is why we can assure our clients that when they ship their bikes with us, they are leaving them in good hands with people that know exactly what they are doing. Sure, you can ride your bike, but if you are moving with family or have other items that need to be moved, this simply isn’t an option. So, allow this  Tampa shipping company to get your bike to its final destination while you take care of the other details associated with the move.

There are shipping companies that specialize in freight and those that specialize in auto transport; however, it is rare to find a company that has true expertise in both and Orbit Logistics is able to offer just that. Our company has spent a great deal of time training our staff on how to provide a special array of services geared towards motorcycle owners, ensuring that their machines are in good hands with us. After all, we know motorcycles well and we’ve learned that most people invest a great deal of time, money and love into their machines. Therefore, it is only prudent to entrust shipping motorcycles with a company that specializes in moving them. Sure, many companies are capable, but none will take care your bike the way that Orbit Logistics will – the way that you would.

We offer competitive pricing and can create a delivery timeline that works for your schedule. There are numerous shipping options with regard to how your motorcycle is transported, so that when the move is complete, your bike is in the new location and you can enjoy a leisurely ride at that point.

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