Orbit Services Overview

When in need of a reliable and trustworthy pack and ship provider in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg and other areas in Florida, you don’t have to look any further than Orbit Logistics. We treat every package and freight we handle as if they were our very own. Orbit is committed to offering you the most complete line-up of packaging, crating and shipping services and products that you can fully rely on. We ensure that all items we handle arrive at the destination safely, on time, and in perfect condition.

Below are some of the packing and shipping services that we have successfully provided to clients for over four decades now:

Pick Up & Delivery Services
Orbit Logistics will pick up your product from your location for packaging at our facility. Your product will be securely transported via our air ride equipped truck, utilizing secure cargo systems and padded wraps for their safe transport.

On-Site Services
Orbit specializes in complete on-site packaging and crating. From an office copier to a complete production line you can ship with confidence knowing Orbit handled the packaging.

Auction Shipping
We offer special auction packaging and shipping services, to sellers and buyers around the world.

Packing & Packaging Services
Ensuring your items are protected for transport is our number one priority. We carry a complete line of supplies for any protection your product will require. Cushioning, Barrier Bags, Foam, Shrouds, Etc.

Domestic Shipping
Our domestic shipping services range from next day delivery to more economical means of transportation. Sometimes cost is more a concern than speed. But either way, you can be assured our domestic shipping is reliable from start to finish

Crating Services
We produce all styles of crates, skids, and containers built according to commercial, government or client standards. All crates built are to the highest quality.

Mil-spec & Government Packaging
The quality of our Mil-spec packaging is evidenced by our certification as an Alternative Release Procedure Contractor by the U.S. Government’s inspection office.

Pack & Ship Services
We provide complete packaging & shipping solutions of any item to any place in the world.

Business & Plant Relocations
Take advantage of our expertise in business relocations cross state, out of state and international.

Container Loading & Staging
Container loading, blocking and bracing

Rail Freight Shipping
If you are shipping large and heavy freight, rail freight can be your best and most economical mode of transportation.

Shipping & Transportation Service
We offer a full line of shipping and transportation solutions for both domestic and International that will fit the unique needs of any customer and budget.

Contact us today for more information about our services and products in Tampa, Clearwater, and Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

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