Shipping Companies in Tampa Can Securely Handle Antique Furniture

An article that recently appeared in the Tampa Bay Times featured Kristi Parrott, a Brandon-based designer and store owner who scours estate sales, auctions, and flea markets for vintage dressers, tables, and other types of antique furniture. Parrott owns Gracie Mae’s, a store that offers unique antique furniture to discerning buyers. The following excerpt provides more information:

Gracie Maes offers Shabby Chic Antiques

[Kristi Parrott] likes the craftsmanship and aesthetics of furniture from yesteryear.
Sometimes she finds an item, like a table from the early 1900s, still in great condition. Other times she ferrets out a piece ripe for upcyling like a solid wood drop-leaf table.

Parrott said she wanted to bring “shabby chic antiques” to the area.

“It’s something I’ve always loved to do,” said Parrott, who studied interior design at Eastern Kentucky University. “I’ve always had a niche for decorating.”

If you decide to purchase furniture from Gracie Mae’s and other similar stores in Brandon, Tampa, and other locations in Hillsborough County, you should hire reputable shipping companies in Tampa, like Orbit Logistics, to ship your purchases safely to their intended destination. Shipping furniture as freight is one of the safest and most affordable options available to clients. Most likely, the furniture or antiques you’re planning to ship will not require a full truck load.

These types of shipments are known as less-than-truckload (LTL), and LTL freight will share their containers with other shipments. Clients should let shipping companies know how many pieces of furniture are going to be shipped, whether the furniture is ordinary or antique, the approximate value of the furniture, the time span for the delivery, as well as the detailed address of the destination. Antique pieces will need to be appraised for proper insurance coverage in case there are damage claims.

Any loose shelves or loose components in antique furniture will have to be secured, and companies that provide shipping in Tampa, FL should be informed of any delicate areas in the furniture to prevent damages during transit. Moreover, drawers and doors in cabinets and dressers should not be taped to secure them, as tape can ruin the furniture’s finish. The furniture will most likely be shrink wrapped to avoid the use of tape.

Alternatively, the furniture can be packed in crates, or the crated furniture can be placed in wooden enclosures and secured with bands. Freight shipping companies can then deliver the secured furniture to different destinations, both locally and internationally.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Gracie Mae’s offers shabby chic antiques; Brandon mall sees many changes, Tampa Bay Times, October 2, 2013)

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