Two reasons why your motorcycle needs to be professionally shipped

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This happens too many times: a person is moving so he puts his motorcycle in the hauling trailer with the rest of his belongings and drives across state or across country. He gets to his destination, opens the hauling trailer, and notices that his bike has some scratches and small dings and his mirror is bent out of place. Now, he has to spend money on small repairs that quickly add up. If you have any experience with motorcycles, you know that even touching up the paint and taking some small dings out of the body can be more expensive than you would expect.

At Orbit Logistics, we want to help you deliver your beautiful motorcycle to its new destination in
pristine condition. We have years of experience in motorcycle shipping throughout Florida and across
the country. We often work with businesses and dealerships, though we also help individuals such as
homeowners, movers, and military employees.

In our experience, there are two main reasons why your motorcycle should never go in a hauling trailer.

1.  There is too much room for movement.
In a trailer, your motorcycle has room to move and slip, which can cause damage over the
course of a long move. Even if you have the motorcycle strapped down, the bike can bend and
shift. At Orbit Logistics, we create custom crates to fit your motorcycle. This helps ensure that
your motorcycle will be shipped without damage and careless scrapes.

2.  There is not enough room.
If you are loading anything else into your hauling truck, you are risking your motorcycle being
damaged during the move. Other furniture and boxes can scratch the paint and make your
motorcycle suffer unnecessary damage.

At Orbit Logistics, we can ship your motorcycle and give you piece of mind that your precious bike will
arrive in perfect condition. Call us today for more information.

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