Ways To Get The Most Accurate Shipping Quote

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When you are seeking a shipping quote for furniture delivery or looking to ship a motorcycle, it would seem that the most important factor is price. After all, particularly when shipping a big ticket item over a long distance, the price can quickly skyrocket. However, one of the places that customers most often go astray when researching shipping is in the quote process. The more information you provide when soliciting a shipping quote, the more likely it is that you will get back a price that not only reflects the value received for what you need, but also a shipping order specific to your needs. This all starts, however, with what you put on the quote information request form. Consider a few tips to help you get the most accurate shipping quote:

Provide correct contact information: Getting to the right shipping quote in terms of delivery time, packaging time and price is often a conversation. Shipping is rarely a black and white endeavor and requires some back and forth with the customer to ensure that all expectations are met. This can’t happen however, without the proper contact information. Many customers might be surprised to find how easy it is to accidentally transpose numbers when typing in a phone number or forget a letter in an email address. Take the time to read over contact information listed on the quote request form in advance to avoid any delays in finalizing shipping terms.

Be as specific as possible: For example, if you need a shipping quote to send an item from Florida to California, specific addresses make a difference. After all, there’s a distinct difference in shipping an item from northern California to Miami versus shipping an item 12 hours north to Pensacola. It might make a difference in everything from arrival time to price. The more specific you are with addresses, the more accurate the shipping quotation.

Communicate any flexibilities: Depending on what you are shipping and the methods you choose, you may be able to get a lower price if you opt to ship in bulk, on a certain day or time of day or using a different method. If you are at all flexible with your shipping order, communicate this on the quote request, so that we can ensure that you get top value.

Communicate item details: For instance, if you are using Orbit Logistics for furniture shipping Tampa, FL and simply list “desk” on the shipping quote form, this doesn’t say a lot about the size and condition of the item. There is a big difference in shipping a simple, light-weight desk from IKEA and a heavy wooden antique desk with added shelving. In order to get the most accurate quote, it helps to be specific about what you are shipping and as many details as possible, including style of the item, weight, condition, level of fragility and any other relevant information.

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